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Bear fan Bob

I do not understand the idea of trading T.Jones but if it is the right deal, wide out,proven te,A middle linebacker who can tackle someone head on and not get draged down the field it will be ok for me. NO DRAFT PICKS FOR JONES

Brian DraftPickalo

Long time listener, 1st time poster :)

It's only fitting that Manning would get arrested around the same time he signs with the Bears. He fits right in with the fumbling and bumbling front office of the Chicago Bears.

Angelo never should have drafted Benson and used his pick on a TE or WR that the Bears needed last year. Thomas Jones would have not been but in a position where he is the odd man out because of money and ego. However, who knows if Thomas Jones would have had the career year he had if he wasn't fighting for his starting spot. Would he have played hurt if Andrian Pederson was his backup?

They really don't have any choice, but to trade him. You can thank Angelo for that and if Benson fails then it's only a matter of time before the deflect the blame on to Lovie Smith.

Great blog. I wish more score hosts create one. Would love to talk to Mike Murphy (miss his morning show) and Mike North always has his opinions, good or bad. Love the score, love your show, keep up the good work and can we get a whiff sound bit for every time J.Jones strikes out with men on base. You do a J.Thome homerun sound bite, as a cubs fan I would love to hear a J.Jones Strikes out again sound bite.

Brian Drafpickalo

Brian DraftPickalo

Forget the whiff sound bite. Just give me an "Ohh no!" from Santo every time he strikes out with men on base.


Kenneth Coe

The Bears should trade to move up in the draft. How about a deal that includes: T. Jones, K. Orton and a switch in #1 draft spots and get the other trading teams 3rd round pick. They would be making great use of excessive assets. The Bears #1 need, seems like since Ditka, is tight end and by all accounts, the best ever TE prospect Verson Davis from Maryland is in this draft. Why not do whatever it takes to land this guy and finally end this madness at the TE position for the Bears.

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